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Caarly, your next generation Inventory Management System for Dealerships. Empower your Dealership and improve your sales turnovers with the Caarly Dealer App.

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Your business at your fingertips.

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Add vehicles without hassle.

Traditional software requires you to key in a whole bunch of information. Caarly gives you a much better user experience on Caarly Dealer. You’ll realise that adding a vehicle to manage in your inventory is a process that can be made so efficient and simple, you’ll be surprised at how much work you can avoid doing.

Screenshot of Dealer Inventory
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Many vehicles? No problem.

Sometimes, there’s just too many vehicles to manage. With Caarly Dealer’s compact view, we remove the need for any old school spreadsheets or printed lists. Why waste your time going through something so cumbersome and laggy, when you can easily see at a glance what your inventory contains? Plus, think of all the paper you get to save!

Compact View of Inventory

No nonsense, we give you the right data.

Key Inventory Details
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Understand each vehicle.

Sometimes we lose track of how long a particular vehicle has been on the floor, or what mileage it has clocked. All these are valuable information that your salespeople need at their fingertips in order to provide your customers with the quickest and best experience possible. Caarly Dealer helps you uderstand each vehicle’s status without you ever having to fumble for it.

Market Pricechecker for Used Cars
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Get the pricing right.

The savvy market consumer no longer buys vehicles without looking at price points. Stay within the competition by understanding how each make and model is performing in the market.

Your business at your fingertips.

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You have full control.

In the course of business, we need to take care of our information. Caarly Dealer’s built in access rights lets you manage each staff of yours, you get to determine what they can access and what they can’t. You have full control!

Staff Permissions Screen
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Important registration information.

Every dealerships daily routine involves pulling up the official information of each vehicle. We’ve made that process a part of the Caarly Dealer experience, allowing you to consolidate these information in your fingertips. Save the paper and refer to Caarly Dealer instead!

Land Transport Authority (LTA) Registration Details

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